15 Things You Need For Your Dorm

With the school year winding down you will soon begin buying stuff for your college dorm room. While making the list of things needed for your future home, don’t forget these 15 things that can make your dorm a little better. Remember, just because you live in a dorm doesn’t mean you can’t be comfortable, clean, and content!

1. Mattress Cover

With the same mattress being used for years it’s best to have a cover just for hygiene reasons. Plus, it makes your bed more comfortable.

2. Surge Protector or Extension Cord

Plugins in dorm rooms are very limited so to make your life easier, invest in a surge protector to get all the plugins right where you need them.

3. Bed Lifts

If your school doesn’t allow you to loft your bed, try bed lifters to add storage to your room.

4. Room Fresheners

Since candles are not allowed in a dorm, wax pots and sprays are a great alternative when you want to switch up the scent.

5. Bedside Storage

The storage space in dorms are very limited as well.  So, to add more space, invest in a bedside shelving unit. There you can place your laptop, cellphone, and other things that you will probably need quick access to.

6. Shower Caddy

If you are living in a community style dorm, you will have to share community showers with on average 30 other people. A shower caddy will be your best friend in this case, as it will make trips to and from the shower extremely  easier.

7. Storage Tools

Get cute bins and storage tools to keep make-up, jewelry, and other things organized. (And of course to decorate your dorm room).

8. Memo Board

Memo boards are perfect for communicating between roomies or just keeping important papers accessible.

9. Extra Chairs or Beanbags

Once you start making friends you’ll need the extra seats for everyone when they start to crowd in your room.

10. Laundry Basket or Tote

Having a tote will make trips to and from the wash room easier. (Because trust me, it’s not a fun one).

11. Shower Shoes

If you are staying in a traditional dorm with community showers these are a must! (You don’t want to know what has been on these shower floors).

12. Adhesive Wall Mounts

Hang up your tapestry and other things without leaving holes in your furniture.

13. Emergency Kit

Keep a kit stocked with Band-Aids and other essentials for when accidents happen. (Because they will).

14. Back up Alarm Clock

All of us usually use our phones to wake up in the morning… But phones often run out of battery, get dropped and break, fall in cups of beer, etc… Having a back up alarm clock to make sure you wake up for your big test is pretty smart!

15. Awesome Roommates

Your first year away from home can be hard. Find roommates that can stand beside you through the experience. This will make dorm life way easier.

What are some other things you need for your college dorm room? Comment below and share this article with friends!

originally posted: http://www.society19.com/15-things-need-college-dorm-room/

Get excited move-in week will be here before you know it!


One thought on “15 Things You Need For Your Dorm

  1. theletterkayblog says:

    How awesome! I remember when I was a freshman in college… Feels like yesterday! Now I’m going into my junior year. Time flies! Definitely storage and extension cords are crucial, and I learned that the hard way! Also, roomies will make or break your experience! Luckily I have been blessed with amazing room mates so far, which has made college so fun!

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